Linen, table linen and tablecloth rentals Toronto by DECOR-RENT.

We offer wedding and special event linen rentals in many different fabrics and sizes. Our linen rentals are available in plain poly linens, king brocade linens, crinkle taffeta linens, sequin linens, satin linens and more. We offer over 40 colors in our linen rental collection for you to choose from.
We are your linen rental Toronto choice offering linen rental service from Barrie to Oakville and Burlington. Tablecloth rentals from Oshawa, Scarborough to Mississauga and Brampton.

We constantly expand our table linen and tablecloth rental inventory by adding new and trendy linen rental items.
We offer linen rentals for round and rectangular tables. All our linens are floor length.
We are proud to offer the highest level of linen rental maintenance by processing all our linen rentals and other textile rental products such as chair covers, overlays, tablecloths, table linens, sashes, draping, napkins and more at our own state of the art linen laundry facility making sure that our clients receive their linen rental order in the best possible condition. All our linens and chair cover rentals go through a 3 level quality control inspection before each rental order is packed for our clients.
We are proud to provide the best customer service to our clients.

Our textile linen rentals are available in Toronto, Barrie tablecloth rentals, Newmarket, Oshawa table linens for rent, Aurora, linen and tablecloth rentals Scarborough, Ajax, Mississauga, Brampton, Bolton and Pickering, York and Durham Region, and many other great cities of Ontario.

We offer wedding linen rentals in many colours such as red linen rentals Toronto, black tablecloth rentals for wedding reception in Barrie, green table linen rentals for corporate gala in Oshawa, white wedding linens for rent Scarborough, ivory linen rental Ajax, gold linens Vaughan, burgundy tablecloths Concord, silver satin linen rentals Brampton, silver taffeta linens Mississauga, silver crinkle taffeta tablecloths Toronto and the GTA, chocolate linen rental Newmarket, light blue linens north Toronto, baby blue linen rental service Ontario, tiffany table linens Woodbridge, white and warm white king brocade linen rentals Scarorough and Toronto, soft gold brocade tablecloth rentals Oshawa and Toronto Ontario, royal blue satin linen rentals in the GTA and Toronto, turquoise majestic linens Barrie, dusty rose and blush linen rentals Mississauga and Brampton, best price on hot pink and fuchsia cheap tablecloth rentals Oshawa and Scarborough, light pink and baby pink table linens, navy tablecloths rentals, peach linens, lilac linen rentals, plum and eggplant linens, yellow satin linen rentals and more.

We are your trusted Toronto linen rental and event decor provider.



We provide the best linen care for our linen rentals. We own a state of the art laundry facility. All our linens go through a thorough three stage quality inspection to ensure the best linen rental experience for our customers.
At DECOR-RENT we use the highest quality detergents by Flexo Products - a Canadian company.

Due to our special linen rental production we are able to provide the best prices and rental rates for the linen, chair cover and textile rentals in the industry without compromise on the quality of our rentals. We offer tablecloth rentals in various materials at one flat rate. There are many linen rental companies in Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, Scarborough and Oshawa charge more for the coloured linens and less for white. We do not do it. As we know that the cost of washing is the same for white or red, or yellow linen. We are professional linen rental people! At DECOR-RENT we offer various wedding and event decor packages for our clients in Toronto, Oshawa, Barrie, Mississauga, Scarborough and other in the GTA. Our amazing all-inclusive rental DIY deal gives you everything that you need to make your event look absolutely outstanding for just $ 3.00 per person. Please visit our DEALS page to find out more.

Here is the list of linen services that we offer:
Wedding and special event linen rentals – we create and customize the look of your event.
Linen renal laundry service – we offer linen and napkin laundry service for our clients – such as event decorators, smaller linen rental companied that do not own a laundry facility, banquet halls and venues.
Linen rental delivery – we deliver our tablecloth rentals to the venues and banquet hall facilities (if the full service rental option was chosen by the client) to down town Toronto, Barrie, Oshawa, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton and most of the cities on the Toronto and the GTA map.
We offer linen rentals Toronto in white satin linens, wite brocade linens, white plain poly linen rentals.
Our white linen rentals are available in 120 inch rounds, 90x144 and 90x156 rectangular linen rental. All the tablecloth rentals have a matching napkins for rent. White satin, white brocade and white plain poly napkin rentals Toronto.

We carry beautiful black satin table linen rentals. Those linens are available in two linen rental sizes: 120 inch round black satin tablecloths and 90x144 table linen rentals Toronto. Matching black satin napkins are also available for rent.
We offer a perfect red satin linen rentals Toronto, they are also available in round and rectangular. Our vibrant red satin napkins are a perfect accent for any table top decor.
We love rich and elegant linen combinations. One of our favorite linen rental combinations is gold and royal blue. There is nothing more vibrant and majestic than - gold stain chair cover rentals and absolutely amazing royal blue satin linen rental Toronto, complemented with a matching gold satin napkin rental option. This color combination is always a winner for any social or corporate event.
We provide linen rentals in so many different colors that allows you to create almost unlimited number of linen, chair cover rentals and napkin combinations.
We always say it is worth a drive. If you are looking for linen rentals in Barrie - 40 minute drive will save you a lot on your Barrie linen rentals and Barrie chair cover rentals. And don't forget we offer wedding and event decor also. DIY and FULL SERVICE options. Linen rentals Barrie just got cheap with less than an hour away.
Are you in Oshawa? looking for linen rental for your upcoming wedding or special event. Look no further. is you best choice for lien rentals Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering. We are strategically located. Just 35 minutes drive will save you a lot of money. Linen, chair cover and napkin rentals Oshawa by DECOR-RENT. This your way to save and afford more.
Lets talk about what makes our linens better. Why DECOR-RENT is on of the best linen rental companies on Toronto tablecloth rental market. Our linen rental prices are very well balanced. Yes we believe so. As we do not compromise on quality and we do not skip on customer service. As you know all our linen rentals are processed at our on state of the art laundry facility that allows us to achieve the best quality control for our linen rental products. Funny enough, there are linen rental companies in Toronto, in Ontario, in Canada and in USA and even in Europe that charge more money for the coloured (colored) linen rentals. More for lets say chocolate brown linens or gold, than for white linen rental. They explain that the processing (washing) of the white linens is less expensive than washing linens of color (colour). This is absolutely not true. The total cost of combined detergent that clean coloured and white linens are absolutely the same. So we offer our linen rentals at a fair value. As we know what stands behind the cost of the linen rental processing. We a are also proud to manufacture more than 90 % of all our linen, tablecloth, table linen rentals and napkins at our own facility. We know how our linens are made, and we know how our tablecloths are processed and serviced.
People often ask us what is our linen rental service area. We provide linen rentals Toronto, linen rentals Barrie, table linen rental service Bolton, Tablecloth rentals Oshawa, napkin rentals Oshawa as well, Scarborough linen rentals, napkin and table linen rentals Ajax and Scarborough East, tablecloth rentals Mississauga North and West, Brampton linen rentals South and West. Many of our customers come to get our linen rentals from Oakville and Burlington and even Hamilton. Our linen rentals have the best value and quality on the market. So they worth the drive. You will most definitely save more on our linen rentals than you spend on gas. We know that our lien rentals are affordable. You will afford more with us!
People ask us what type of events do we rent our linens to mostly? Wedding liens, tablecloths for birthday parties, engagements, social or corporate event linen rentals. Our answer is we rent our linens for any occasion. Wedding linen rentals is a big part of our rental business. Wedding tablecloths and wedding table linens are always in demand. Are wedding linen rentals different from other linen rentals that we offer? Absolutely not. But in the same time the color scheme of the wedding linen rentals is more in to light pastel colors. When the social and corporate events have a tendency of using more bold and straight linen rentals.
Often we are asked how can linens change the look of the venue or the banquet hall, party room or a cummunity center event space. We always say that the linen rentals provide the largest decor, color and texture coverage in the room. Table linen rentals provide the biggest visual area in the banquet room. If your Toronto, Oshawa, Barrie, Woodbrige or Mississauga event space looks dull and sometimes boring - just getting linen rentals from a professional linen rental Toronto company will get you an amazing result that will make your guests talk and talk months after the party. Linen rentals provide over 60 % coverage of the floor space in the room. So if the walls are grey or silver, bring some vibrant linens into the room. Get some bright white, yellow, red, hot pink, tiffany blue, light blue, green, royal blue, gold, pink or lilac linen rentals and make the room change in front of your eyes.