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Why do you need a professional event decor rental Toronto company to help you with your wedding or special event decor needs?
Knowledge and Experience are two key elements that a professional wedding decor rental Toronto company such as can bring to your special event. We own a large inventory of chair covers and linen rentals, specialty draping, lighting and more. We know how to make YOU a focal point of your special event. We have the means to make your imagination come true.

What are the questions you need to ask at your wedding decor rental Toronto appointment?
Always ask to see the real work of the wedding or event decorator. Beautiful pictures are not enough. The wedding decor rental Toronto showroom should have several samples of backdrops and draping. So you could touch and feel.


We are 100 % committed to provide you with the best advice, cost efficiency, customer service and wedding decor rental solution for your event in Toronto and GTA.


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At DECOR-RENT Toronto Vaughan we offer a vast variety of textile wedding and special event decor rentals. From a simple linen napkin rental Toronto Barrie, to linen rentals Oshawa, chair covers Scarborough, Ajax, full room draping Woodbridge, sheer, satin or textured fabric draped arches, custom backdrops, canopies, Rent a Chuppah for your wedding ceremony Toronto, wedding head table decor and receiving line table draping and design. is a professional wedding decor and event decor rental Toronto company. We strive to provide the best customer service in the wedding decor industry. We are proud of our wedding decor designs and fantastic quality of work that we offer to our valued clients.
It is not an easy job to be a wedding decor professional. It is a lifestyle. A wedding decorator lives by events. Once you run a wedding event Decor Toronto company you live by the event calendar. For the years in Toronto wedding decor rental business we at have been a part of thousands events creating that special WOW factor effect.
What is wedding decor and why wedding decor rentals Toronto are so important for your wedding reception celebration?
I would probably start from how to transform your Toronto wedding decor vision to wedding decor reality. There are simple steps that are important and very helpful in wedding decor rental Toronto Mississauga planning.
Once you got engaged. Or sometimes event before you start dreaming and imagining your future wedding decor at your wedding reception. Here comes the cold shower from a wedding decor rental professional. The first and the most important thing is to make a reservation for your wedding reception venue or banquet hall. One you have a wedding reception venue reserved you become an artist who has a white sheet of paper in front of him or her. Here comes the most amazing part you may start dreaming about your future wedding decor in Toronto. We always recommend to go and see your wedding reception venue or banquet hall when it is absolutely empty and has no tables, chairs, linen rentals, wedding backdrops and head table decorations set up. Let it be absolutely empty. Go there and sand alone for sometime. Imagine the room full of guests and sounds of your favorite music. Close your eyes and think of your most favorite color. Let it be the color of your future wedding reception decor.
Some people may tell you that you must pick seasonal color. The word MUST does not apply to wedding decor rentals. As this is all about you and about your dream of your most perfect wedding day in the world.
When you are selection your special wedding decor theme color you need to decide if you want it to be the main color of your wedding decorations for your wedding reception or should you use that color as an accent. Sometimes in wedding decor less is more.
Once the color and the wedding event decor theme is picked you need to build it from the bottom up. Like a house.Usually people pay way to much attention to the color of the walls and the color of the carpet at their wedding venue or wedding reception banquet hall. In most of the cases it is not that important. As long as the walls are not bright pink or lime green))).
Once you have the chairs and tables set up in the room they will cover up to 80 per cent of the floor space. So the next most important step is selecting the color of of your linen rental for your wedding.
Wedding linen rentals from DECOR-RENT Toronto come in many linen colors and tablecloth textures.
You need to ask yourself if you would like to have your linen rentals neutral, vibrant table linen rentals Toronto or if you would like to have your linens to create a special pattern in the room?
Once you have set your mind on your linen rental for your wedding decor the chair cover rental will be your next step to select.
There are many venues offer great chairs and many will say that you may not need to cover those chairs at all. They say once you have a beautiful linen rental, and you have elegant chairs set around the table you are set. Yes and now. Yes sure, this works. And no if you you are planing  a well color coordinated wedding reception decor. Having see through (ghost chairs) or Chiavari chairs is great. But remember they look amazing until the guest came into the room. When the room is set, and you have beautiful linen rentals on your tables, elegant napkin is set in your champagne glasses, plates and cutlery is set - all is perfect. But if the chairs are see thorough and guests come and sit they will create a mix and match look in your room. Just imagine. You have planned a soft gold and ivory wedding reception decor. You rented beautiful linen rentals Toronto from to put on your tables. You have elegant napkin rentals folded on each plate. And you lets say you have gold Chiavari Chairs from your venue. The room is ready for all your wedding guests to arrive. Once your guests come in at take their chairs - the look that you were creating, that special wedding decor look that you were dreaming about will be gone, and the room will be filled with colors of different outfits. A gray jacket, a pink or green dress, navy, yellow, red.... the wedding decor theme will vanish... Chair cover is the best solution to hold the wedding decor theme in place. As the chairs will be dressed in accordance with your wedding decor dream. This is our usual speech that we give when we discuss wedding decor rental ideas with our clients in our wedding decor rental Toronto Vaughan showroom.
We are not done yet!
Once you have selected your wedding decor color, wedding linen and napkin rentals and picked your chair cover rentals it is time to look up at your future wedding head table decor and wedding backdrop decor options.
Wedding head table decor composition is on of the most important parts of your wedding decor planning process. When you are planning your head table setting you should always think about how it will look on a photograph? Will all the people at the head table fit? Will everybody look good?
We always say if the wedding head table is longer that 20 feet and there is an possibility to do so it has to be divided on 2 levels creating a so called wedding cake structure. Having the wedding couple and maybe 2 more people on the top level and the rest 6 people on the lower level of the wedding head table. This will insure that your wedding pictures will always look perfect in your wedding album.
We offer wedding backdrops decor Toronto in a many designs and options. We use different fabrics in our backdrops such as sheers, satins, brocades, rosettes, sequin and much more. When the time comes for you to chose your wedding backdrop you should think about as the largest presentational piece in your wedding banquet hall room. The focal point that should look perfectly balances in the room and be in proportion to your wedding guests and room size. Some of wedding photographers do not recommend the backdrops to be taller than 12 feet by the reason that once it is taller - the wedding couple wont be seen well if captured with the whole backdrop height. It is not a law but defiantly worth thinking about. As you are not only creating a new reality with your wedding decor, but also you are creating memories of your wedding day.
It is always good to have your wedding head table decor to match your wedding backdrop decor design. So they would look like a set.
Please do not hesitate to send us an email or call us with any questions that you have about your special day wedding decor rental and design. We are here to help you!
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