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Tent Rentals for any Occasion or Situation. We are proud of our well maintained and clean tents. Afford more with us.


All our tent rentals are delivered and installed by a professional tent set up crew.

Providing Tent Rentals in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Maple, Aurora, King City, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Newmarket, Bolton, Kleinburg, Nobleton, Bradford, Ajax, Oshawa, Beeton, New Tecumseth, Alliston and Barrie.


We offer a variety of tent rental options and sizes. From a small service or entrance tent or catering tent. A medium size tent for a party for 50 people or a large tent rental option for a wedding for 200 people. Tent Rentals from DECOR-RENT is like bringing a venue to your house or outdoor space. We offer everything that you may need under the tent - tables, chairs, linens, dishes, flooring, lighting and much more.


We Offer PATIO HEATER RENTALS. Keep your guests warm when outdoors with our Patio Heater Rentals. Rent Patio Heaters.

We came up with amazing SAVING options with our TENT RENTAL PACKAGES tailored for your next event. We included a lot. Tent rental, chair rentals, table, linen rental, lighting and more are included to bring you over 10 % saving. Visit our DEALS page for more information.

Our Tent Rentals are a perfect solution for a Backyard Party, Corporate event, Engagement party, bridal or baby shower, or large Wedding on a farm, or a company BBQ on a parking lot. We have tents for any occasion or situation. 

We offer LONG TERM TENT RENTALS. We provide tent rental solutions for Restaurants, Automotive, Manufacturing, Summer Camps and other industries in need of a long term tent rental service for their business.


WE ARE HAPPY TO LET YOU KNOW THAT BEAUTIFUL HEXAGON HIGH PEAK TENTS ARE ADDED to OUR TENT RENTAL INVENTORY. Please scroll down to see numerous tent seating options that we offer with our tent rentals. CLEAR SPAN TENTS are also added to our tent rental selection.


Rent a tent for your event.
Our tent rentals will protect you from heat with cool shade. Should it rain - our tent rentals will keep you and your guests dry. If its cold - rent our patio heaters and stay warm. Renting a tent from DECOR-RENT is a smart choice. 20 years of event rental experience. Immaculate reputation in the industry. We stand behind every word and every rental product we offer to our valued clients.

Tent Rentals from DECOR-RENT is a worry-free party, wedding, event rental solution. Afford more when you rent a tent from us.

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Huge saving with our tent rental packages. Take a look at our DEALS page for our special tent rental packages and deals.

We offer many different tent rental sizes and tent rental layout combination. We have a tent rental solution for a narrow, wide or odd shaped property. High Peak Frame tents and Clear Span Frame tent rentals.

Free for all our clients - floor and seating plans for your events under our tent rentals.

Tent Rental Toronto and the GTA. Tent Rental Price List.



10x10 High Peak Tent Rentals - $ 225.00 (8 to 18 people)

10x20 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 350.00 (16 to 33 people)

10x30 High Peak Tent Rentals - $ 450.00 (30 to 60 people)

10x40 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 510.00 (33 to 66 people)

10x60 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 825.00 (50 to 100 people)

15x15 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 400.00 (18 to 38 people)

15x30 High Peak Frame Tent Rentals - $ 600.00 (38 to 75 people)

15x45 High Peak Tent Rentals - $ 825.00 (56 to 112 people)

20x20 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 490.00 (33 to 66 people)

20x30 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 750.00 (50 to 100 people)

20x40 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 850.00 (66 to 133 people)

20x50 High Peak Tent Rentals - $ 1065.00 (83 to 166 people)

20x60 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 1250.00  (100 to 200 people)

30x30 High Peak Tent Rentals - $ 1050.00 (90 to 150 people)
NEW! Taking orders NOW

30x40 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 1250.00 (120 to 200 people)

30x60 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 1850.00 (150 to 300 people)

40x40 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 1600.00 (133 to 260 people)

40x60 High Peak Tent Rental - $ 2200.00 (200 to 400 people)

Hexagon High Peak 40x40 Tent Rental - $ 995.00 (85 to 175 people)

Hexagon 40x40 tent  rental with 20x20 tent attached - $ 1355.00 (121 to 241 people)

Hexagon 40x40 tent rental with 2 of 20x20 tents attached - $ 1665.00 (154 to 308 people)

CLEAR SPAN TENT RENTALS - taking orders now for 2024 Event Season.


30x30 - clear span tent rentals $ 1305.00 (75 to 150 people)

30x40 - clear span tent rentals $ 1740.00 (100 to 160 people)

30x45 - clear span tent rental $ 1960.00 (110 to 225 people)

30x50 - clear span tent rental $ 2175.00 (125 to 250 people)

30x60 - clear span tent rental $ 2610.00 (150 to 300 people)

30x75 - clear span tent rental $ 3325.00 (225 to 350 people)

Many more tent rental configurations and tent rental compositions are available to fit and match almost any property layout. Tent rentals for any event. Contact us for all your tent rental needs.

Please click on images of our tent rentals for detailed seating information.


Tent Rental Pricing is based on – basic installation on levelled grass surface with stakes for anchoring. Delivery charge is extra. Weights are extra. Tent Rental Installation price may increase due to location of the tent rental installation site – difficulty of access or distance from delivery truck to tent rental installation site. In some cases building permit may be needed for your tent rental installation. We will provide you will all necessary paper work needed to get your tent rental permit. Or we can do it for you for a nominal fee. We may ask you to request locates service to your site to insure safe installation of the tent rental.

Please give us a call for a professional consultation or to arrange a site visit to your location to select the best spot for your future tented event.

Tent Rental Site inspection fee is starting at $ 100.00 within 20 Km from our office – if the tent rental is reserved with us – this fee will be applied towards your tent rental balance.

Tent Sidewalls solid - $ 1.25 per linear foot (20 feet wall $ 25.00)
Tent Sidewalls with windows - $ 1.25 per linear foot (20 feet wall $ 25.00)
Tent Side wall with windows with middle zipper for easy access - $ 75.00 (20 feet wide)

LED vintage string lights  -  $ 2.00 per linear foot installed.

Outdoor Extension cord - $ 5.00 for 20 feet.

Water barrel - $ 20.00 each (client is responsible to provide water hose for fill up and allow water disposal on site after the event).
Cement weights - $ 40.00 and up per tent leg, depending on the tent size.

Dance floor outdoor / indoor rentals:

8x8 hardwood dance floor rental - $ 150.00

12x12 hardwood dance floor rental - $ 345.00

12x16 hardwood dance floor rental - $ 460.00

16x16 hardwood dance floor rental - $ 615.00

16x20 hardwood dance floor rental - $ 770.00

Grey plastic snap flooring - $ 1.75 per square foot. Leveled surface only. Great solution for grass, wet and messy ground at your tent rental site.

More dance floor rental sizes are available for your tent rental event.


*** Delivery fee is extra depending on the location of the event, size of the rental order, special delivery time and pick time requirements
*** Please note our tents can go only on even surface – grass (stakes no extra charge), solid surface (weights or water barrels extra charge)
*** Tent Rental charge is based on 24 hour usage period – please contact us for to confirm the additional rental timing charges.
*** Most of our tents are installed 48 to 24 hours prior to the event date. And picked up the next day.
*** We are not responsible for the weather and weather forecast.

SITE PREP SERVICE: We provide tent site preparation service. If you have a large open area of grass that needs to be mowed. We can do it for you. We use a professional riding lawn mower to do the job right. We do not offer bagging, just grass mulching. If you are planning an intimate wedding ceremony in the field under our tent and you need to have the path of grass to be cut - we can do it. This grass cutting service is available only if you are renting a tent from us. This option is a perfect solution for a half an acre or larger properties. Starting at $ 450.00 and up. (Some conditions may apply; weather may not be permitting)


Providing Tent Rental and delivery service in Toronto, Scarborough, Newmarket. Party and Tent Rental Toronto, Tent Rental Markham.

Toronto is a unique city for tent rental installations. As many outdoor spaces and backyards in Toronto are well treed and smaller that in the suburbs. Our Tent Rentals Toronto can be installed in very tight spaces. Our Tent Rental team is skilled to set up tents in seemingly impossible spaces. If you are not sure what tent rental size you may need for your party. Simply give us a call - and we will schedule a site visit to make sure that the tent you have picked will fit perfectly into your space.


We offer Tent delivery to Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering and Newmarket. What to expect for your tent installation day. Most of our tents are installed a day or two prior to event date. You will be provided with a time frame for the tent installation crew to arrive. Please make sure that we will have easy access to your backyard. Remove the cars from the driveway and clear the sidewalk.

Tent Rental in Caledon Ontario. We offer Tent Rentals Caledon and Tent Rental Bolton Ontario. Call us to schedule site inspection for your future Tent Rental Party in Bolton, Nobleton or Caledon area. Planning a tent party in Bolton - contact us for pricing.

Bradford Tent Rental, Party Rentals Bradford. We deliver and install Tent Rentals in Bradford Ontario. Tent Rentals are also available in Beeton, New Tecumseth. West and East Gwillimbury, Newmarket.

Tent Rental Newmarket is one of our main service areas. We provide tent and party rental service for our clients in Newmarket and Aurora. Delivering and installing Tent Rentals in Newmarket for our valued customers.

We can call DECOR-RENT a Richmond Hill Tent Rental Company. We provide many tents in the city. Our tents can be installed right at your backyard or patio in Richmond Hill. Also serving with tent Rentals Aurora, providing Party and Tent rental Aurora, Stouffville.

We also service with Tent Rentals Newmarket, Markham Tent Rental, King City, Maple, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Tent Rental Toronto, GTA and more. We now offer tent rentals in Alliston, Tent Rental in Barrie. All our tent rentals are available with chair and table rentals.

Barrie, Alliston, Bradford and Tottenham are the cities that are locted close by to many farms and private propertied with large backayrd. Making the are a perfect spot for outdoor events. We provide a complete tent rental solution. If you are looking for a tent rental for your upcoming event or celebration we will be happy to help.

We provide tent and event rentals in Orangeville and surrounding area. If you are looking for a tent for your party or wedding in Orangeville give us a call. Out tent rentals and tent packages may be a perfect fit your budget and celebration. If you are looking for a perect tent party, wedding or corporate event in Orangeville, Caledon - we have the solution for you. With timely delivery and pick up service we will make your party rental experiece a succsess. Need chairs, tables, linens, dishes and cutlery - we have them.